Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How To Connect / Browse With Your Free MTN Game+ 1.5gb Data - Power All Apps

Free browsing cheat hasn't been available for quite sometime now but the good news is that a new free browsing tweak has just surfaced and it's really blazing. So if you happen to be an MTN user just grab your SIM card and follow the simple guide.
The latest free browsing cheat is for MTN users and it works with MTN Game plus free data. This post will show you how to accumulate the MTN game plus data for free and also how to power all your apps with it.

How to get MTN Xmas Game+ Free 150MB Data

1. First, SMS the keyword Xmas to 2200.

2. You will receive an SMS from MTN saying;
"You’ve received Free 150MB from Game+, Dial *559# to query. To win N500 airtime, Follow us on twitter.com/gameplus_ng or visit game.mtnonline.com."

3. After that you can dial *559# to view your free 150MB MTN Game+ data.
Since you have successfully gotten your first free 150mb, the next thing is to accumulate it

How to Accumulate MTN Xmas Game Plus Data

1. First, you have to unsubscribe from MTN Game Plus by Sending the keyword Stop to 2200.

2. After that, You will receive an SMS saying;
"You have successfully unsubscribed from Game+ Free Trial. We would love to have you back! To subscribe again, text anycmd to $SMSAccessNo$ or dial *447# to view other services. Thank you!"

3. Once you get that message, resubscribe again by sending the keyword Xmas to 2200.

4. unsubscribe again and continue the above process to keep on increasing your accumulated data.

You can only accumulate as much as 1500MB Game Plus data before you will be blacklisted. But you can continue accumulating or wait for 1 week for you to be removed from blacklist.

Since you have gotten your free 1.5GB Data, I will be showing you how to power all your apps with it.

How To Power All Apps With MTN Game + Data

1. First, download Psiphon Pro Lite Handler from this LINK.

2. Install and launch the app.

3. Set it up as shown below
- Tick Remove Port
- Proxy Type – Real Host
- Proxy Server – game.mtnonline.com
- Real Proxy Type – Inject
- Real Proxy Server – 80

4. Now you can save but don’t Connect yet.

5. Go to More Options and configure as shown below
- Host Address –
- Host Port – 8080

6. Save your settings and go back

7. Select either USA or Best Performance as your preferred region.

8. Now click on connect and wait for about a minute or two for it to connect.

That's all guys..
If you have any question, feel free to drop it in the comment section below.
Also kindly share this post on your various social media platforms if you find it helpful.
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Friday, December 15, 2017

Trick: How To Hack Secured, Password Protected Wi-Fi, Hotspot Networks On Windows7 PC

1. Firstly, click on the 'Start' button and search for CMD on the search tool, and right click on command prompt, then run as Administrator.
2. After that, take note of the available network name, and input the command below:
netsh wlan show profile name="Nairalogic" key=clear


1. Replace the 'Nairalogic' with your current available network name (SSID).
2. After that, hit 'Enter' button.
3. You'll see the Wi-Fi password beside key content as shown in the featured image above.
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Download Music: FBN All Stars - Hello

The Nasarawa State Most incredible Entertainment group Fresh Boyz Nation are Out with Another unbeatable Trap title: Hello Just a Remainder for the Fans to Know More Hot Jams are Coming

This Track has the likes of Accurate,Nastie A, Nakredites, Jahbro,TeeRex,Austaino.

Download and Comment..


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Friday, October 6, 2017

How To Add Alexa Widgets On Your Website - Displaying The Widget Image

I was busy trying to find out how to add Alexa traffic widgets without displaying the widgets to end users for some obvious reasons and am sure you might be looking for the same thing.

The Alexa widgets is really useful when you want to help Alexa to accurately collect your site visitors details and rank your site accordingly but the truth is that the widgets don't look great on some webpages and for that reason might render the design unpleasing and that is why i decided to provide this trick to you that will enable you connect properly to Alexa using the Alexa traffic widgets without displaying it to your visitors or anybody.

You might think that advertisers will not see your rank if you hide the Alexa traffic rank widget but your are wrong because advertisers always knows how to find out everything they need to know about your site, so there is no need to worry about that.

How to add Alexa widget image:
This has been mad possible with the help of some css codes that hides the Alexa widgets to the end users while it stays in your webpages and let Alexa index your webpages properly.

Without wasting much of our time below is the simple code that helps you add alexa traffic ranking widgets without displaying the widget rank image to your visitors.

Alexa website widget:

Note: You need to change nairalogic.com to your own site url and add the code to your page header or footer.
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Friday, September 22, 2017

COE Akwanga Admission List 2017/2018 Is Out - College of Education Akwanga - Check yours

THIS is to inform the general public
and all the candidates who applied for
admission into The Nasarawa State College, Akwanga, COE that the school
management has released the names
of candidates who have been offered
provisional admission into the
Institution for the 2017/2018
academic session.
The 2017/18 COE Provisional
Admission List Released has been
published online, and all the applicants
who sat for the COE Post-UTME
screening can now check their
admission status.
We have attached the list of admitted
candidates in a .doc. .pdf file and you
can access it without having to
download it.

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Nasarawa State Poly Lafia Admission List 2017/2018 Is Out - Nas. Poly - Check yours

THIS is to inform the general public
and all the candidates who applied for
admission into The Nasarawa State
Poly, Lafia, that the school
management has released the names
of candidates who have been offered
provisional admission into the
Institution for the 2017/2018
academic session.
The 2017/18 Nas. Poly Provisional
Admission List Released has been
published online, and all the applicants
who sat for the Nas. Poly Post-UTME
screening can now check their
admission status.
We have attached the list of admitted
candidates in a .doc. .pdf file and you
can access it without having to
download it.

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NSUK Admission List 2017/2018 Is Out - Uni Keffi - Check yours

THIS is to inform the general public
and all the candidates who applied for
admission into The Nasarawa State
University, Keffi, NSUK that the school
management has released the names
of candidates who have been offered
provisional admission into the
Institution for the 2017/2018
academic session.
The 2017/18 NSUK Provisional
Admission List Released has been
published online, and all the applicants
who sat for the Nsuk Post-UTME
screening can now check their
admission status.
We have attached the list of admitted
candidates in a .doc. .pdf file and you
can access it without having to
download it.
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

How To Add Facebook Comment Box On Your Website

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How To Remove Security Code On Any Nokia Phone

Today m Here 2 Wid New Tut Recover Your Nokia Phone
Password In Just minute.... so Here Is Tut Tools Required: -

[1]. Nemesis Service Suite

[2]. Nokia PC Suite.

[3]. Data cable.

[4].Regain Your Security Code Steps
1. Install Nokia PC Suite
2. Install Nemesis Service
Suite (NSS)
3. Connect your phone to
your PC with data cable. If
the phone prompts, choose
default mode or PC Suite
mode (DON’T OPEN PC SUITE) 4. Open Nemesis Service suite

5. Click scan for new devices
button (on top right corner
of NSS)

6. Click Phone Info button.

7. Click Scan button.

8. Click Permanent Memory

9. Click Read button.

10. It will read the permanent
memory file and save it on
the disk at following path.
FilesNSSBackuppm .pm

11. Open the .pm file using

12. Now scroll until field [308],
and on the 5th Record (5=)
your security code is saved at

13. Like 5= 3 1 3 2 3 3 3 4 3 5
0000000000 (Example)

14. Abandon the red fonts.

15. So, 12345 is your security
Enjoy frndz
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How To Change Password On Window 7 Without Knowing Current Password

Method 1-step1:- go to control pannel and click on the administrative tools
2-under this section double click on computer management .select system tool from right window pane
3-under this just double click local user and groups nd then on user
4-now you will see all the login accounts of your computer
5-right cilck on any the account whose password your want to change sn then click on set password
6- A warning messge will popup on your screen just click on procced buttom
7-now enter your new passwrd nd click on ok buttom

thats it your window7 passwrd is change without knowing current passwrd
NOTES- The only limitation of this method is that your current account should have administrative privileges

If you love to be work on
Command Line then this
method is for you.

1.Open command prompt Type CMD in start, right click on it and select Run as Administrative

2.In the CMD window type the
following command and
hit Enter "net user Account Name Your
New Password" without quotes

3.In this command replace
Account Name by the account
name (Account Name is case
sensitive) whose password you want to change and
replace Your New Password
by the password that you
want to set.

Now if everything goes alright
you will see “The command
completed successfully” on
your screen,

type exit command and hit Enter This will reset your current
windows password.

U can change administrator password by this through guest account.
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How To Get Serial Key Of Any Computer Software For Free

Finding Serial Key Of Any Software
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How To Take A Screenshot from Your Windows Pc/Laptop

Simply Download This Software And Enjoy!
Screenshot Utility.exe

(Requested By Raihan777)
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How To Expand / Convert 1GB SD Card To 4GB

Steps To Convert 1gb
Memory Card To 4gb

1) 1st Dowload The Software Here

2.) Extract the software to a folder and open that folder.

3.) Now connect your Pendrive or Memory Card with PC. Use USB Card Reader for Memory Card.
4.) First give any name to the Pendrive or Pendrive. Let i give the name “Nairalogic” to Pendrive or Memory Card.

5.) Now go to the folder where you extracted the software and open Driver increaser 2.bat

It will ask for the name of your Pendrive or Memory Card. Just enter the name of your Pendrive. E.g. in my case type “Nairalogic” and press Enter button.

7.) Now it will ask you to enter the Drive Letter. Just go to “My Computer” and see what letter is assigned to your Pendrive or Memory Card.
Let in my case it is H: So type in H over there and press Enter button.

8.) Now it will tell you to enter the
Drive Letter once again. Just enter the same letter once again and hit Enter. In my case i enter H and hit Enter Button.

9.) Now just wait for sometime until process is finished.

10.) Now just check your Pendrive or Memory Card size it has been
converted to 4GB.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

WordPress: How To Create/Set Desktop and Mobile View

I composed this article because of newbies on wordpress website that found it so hard to create both mobile and pc view on wordpress website just follow the steps bellow..


1. login to your wordpress dashboard click on plugins then click on add new, then search for MOBILEPRESS, in plugin search box, when you see it install and activate it.

  1. now check your webiste on mobile device you will see the mobile view as changed successfully, there is a theme that come with Mobilepress plugin, if you can design website, i will advice you to design the theme because the theme is so much great, but if you are already have your own theme that you wanna use, you can as well use it by login to your website with your ftp details, you can use net2ftp.com or any ftp site,

when you login click public_html

when it open click on wp-content

when it open click on plugins

when it open click on mobilepress

when it open click click on themes

when it open click on default

Now what you will design is inside that default folder, or if you want to use your own mobile theme, just extract the theme into that folder.

Now to install pc theme, just login to your admin dashboard through your pc or laptop now click on appearance the click on theme, click on add new, click on upload and choose your theme on your computer and click install, it will install, now visit your website on pc, it must surely show the theme you install and if you visit your website on mobile device it will show the theme you use in your mobilepress plugin.

That is it, enjoy…

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How to Use Android Apps on PC: The Bluestacks Solution

To some people, Android is by far the best mobile operating system as it comes with a lot of amazing games and applications. It's due for us to wish we play most of those games on our PC but some of these apps and games which are available at Google Play are not available for Windows and Mac operating systems. So, what should one do??

I myself has particularly want to do same but could'nt due to the limitations in the two OS. I discovered that to break this barrier, one will need a software known as Bluestacks.

Bluestacks is just like any other PC software running as an Android emulator which will help you to Run Android games and apps on your PC. You can have the perfect Android experience on your Windows and Mac Operating system using the software Bluestacks.

To start your android experience on Pc, you'll begin by downloading the software from their site : www.bluestacks.com. It'll cost you about 9.6MB to download it.

Install it using the executable file after downloading is complete. You will see a couple of steps in the installation wizard. Follow these steps and installation will be continued.
Once the installation is done, Bluestacks icon will be available on your desktop.

Click on the desktop shortcut to run Bluestacks. You'll need internet connection to complete the remaining installation for Bluestacks to download some neccessary files automatically. Once it's done, you are good to use it.
Now, locate any android app, right click on it and select Choose Default Program. The app icon will change to Bluestacks defined. Open the app, it will automatically open the Bluestacks tray and install the app. Once completed, it will start running.

Have a nice experience!
Proudly Nairalogic.com
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How To Backup Your Lost Files From Xtgem

NOTE:This post is officially Sponsored by Xtgem Official website.

The Fundamentals of Website Backups

A good backup solution needs to fulfill two criteria:

1. They’re stored in more than one

2. They’re created on a regular basis.

We recommend keeping a local backup copy (on your computer or an external drive), and another in the cloud. This may seem
redundant, but it adds an extra layer of security in case one of your backups gets deleted. If you’re not a fan of local storage,
consider using two cloud storage services just to be on the safe side.
If you only backup your site once every year,
you might as well not do it in the first place.
Your backup schedule will need to reflect
the frequency with which you update your
website. If you’re always publishing new
content and getting lots of comments, you
should consider weekly or even daily
backups. If you don’t update things that
frequently, you might get away with bi-
weekly or monthly backups.
With that in mind, let’s move on to the ‘how’.

How to Backup Your Site

Before we go any further, we should note that any one of the three methods we are about to explore should be enough on its

For Complete back-up, Contact Xtgem Nigerian Admin Via +2348143206090 or send a message to admin@nairalogic.com.
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Monday, September 18, 2017

How To Create Wapka Site With Both Mobile And Pc View

This Tutorial will teach you how to create a wapka site with Pc view.

if you are new to wapka let me give you a quick summary on how to start a wapka site

You have to Open a Gmail account and then goto http://wapka.com and sign in for a wapka passport, you should choose a strong password to prevent hackers from penetrating into your wapka account in the future.

After you have succesfully created your wapka passport you will be sent a confirmation mail which will be automatically sent by wapka bot to verify if truly you are the owner of the mail you provided, so input accurately all the necessary info required by wapka to avoid difficulties with your account in the future.

Understanding Wapka Functions in designing Pc View

We are going to be looking at the Most important functions that will help you in succesfully Creating a wapka website with Pc View.

1. Headtags - the Headtags is one of the most important function when designing your pc view (desktop version), this is where you will put all the important codes that will make your website 100% responsive.
I know most of you guys ignore the headtags because you can put every html code or javascript code on the Xhtml/Wml box, this is very bad... As a programmer you need to explore each and every function in a program. The headtags is very important because it comes before the <*body><*/body> tags and any code e.g Css or Javascript or Jquery code you put there will affect the behaviour of your webpage so take note, the headtags plays the most important role in developing both PC and MOBILE version for your website making your website dynamic and user friendly.


This code will hide your pc contents from mobile users and your mobile contents from pc users

The CSS code above is a Media query conditional statement. E.g the code above is telling the mobile/pc user that “if min width (minimum width of the device screen is 1024) show pc contents and if max width is 1023 do not show pc contents... This css media query actually tells the browser to adjust css class or ID's to match the media. Css rule for the width/size of the screen.


Now you have to place the above code inside your headtags. Your headtag is located at global settings. Once you Have placed the Css code inside your headtag hiding your contents for pc View or Mobile View will be extremely easy.

To hide yor contents for pc simply wrap the item with


The above codes will make you show contents for only pc users (people using a computer).

to hide mobile content from Pc users just replace "pc" with "mobile" e.g

You can also write a javacript if else statement here's a javascript statement you can use:

If you use these Code above you can hide your mobile contents by using a div class "wap" to wrap your mobile items and for your Pc contents you can use "web".

This will make coding easier for you on your wapka site and render your webpage responsive.

Do you have any questions?? Ask via the comment area below.

Do not copy any tutorial from this website without taking permission from us *_-
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Sunday, September 17, 2017

How To Redirect Desktop Users to PC View on Wapka

Now I'm going to share a code with you that will redirect a pc user to a specially created/coded pc view site i.e. A user using desktop to surf your website will automatically be redirected to your pc view site ID. This is a very cool way of making your wapka website responsive with and easier to naivigate.

Firstly logon to your wapka admin panel, and create a new site ID named "Desktop version" or "Pc view" note this trick is to make only a pc view homepage for your site, anyway it depends, you can choose to create as many versions of each site ID, but I suggest you use this code to redirect only your /index.html to your pc view.

After you've finished creating your pc view site ID and you've designed it to your taste, goto Xhtml/Wml code input area and paste this:

Replace with your own ID, that is to say: with your pc view (desktop version) site number or name. You can goto Edit site >> change title >> and rename the title of your site to "Desktop" or "Web". Once you've followed my procedures your pc view will be ready in no time.

If you have questions, comment below. And register at our site to enjoy other functionality.
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How to Check Your BVN Number With Your Mobile Phone With This Code.

How To Check Your Bank Verification Number ( BVN ) With Your Mobile Phone

I dnt want to bore you with long story, but 4 whatever reason u might need to use this code some day, smhow....

So, dial this number on your mobile phone
after dialing, it will display your BVN Number on the screen.just write it down.

Note: they may charge you for this service.

Also make sure you used the mobile phone number used for the registration of your bank verification number ( BVN ).
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How To Delete/Unfriend Multiple Friends on Facebook

Facebook Timeline Activity Log Button

Now click on MORE option given in the sidebar. This will reveal Friends option. Click on Friends to see the list of all your friends.
Friends link in Activity Log
Against each of your friend, there would be a pencil icon. Click on it and you'll get option to Unfriend. Click Unfriend and then confirm to remove friend from your list.

Quickly Unfriend Multiple Facebook Friends: Update – March 2017
Facebook keeps on changing its interface -so the older methods of doing something keep getting useless. The latest method is as below:

Log into your Facebook Account and then go to your Timeline.
Click on the Activity Log button positioned in the bottom-right corner of your cover image.

Facebook Timeline Activity Log Button
On Activity Log page, you'll find a sidebar on left-hand side. In this sidebar, under Photos, Likes, Comments, you'll see MORE link. Click on this link and you'll get more choices. Now click on Friends link.

Upon clicking Friends link, you'll all your activities related to making friends and unfriending them.

Friends link in Activity Log
Here you can unfriend any of your friend. But when you'll do so, Facebook will pop up a box and ask you to confirm your acting.
Good news is that we can get rid of this confirmation box and thereby we can rather easily delete lots of friends. Let's see how .
In your browser's address bar, remove www part and type m instead. Be careful and don't change anything else in the address. Now press enter to go to mobile version of the same page.

Remove www and write m in its place.
On the mobile version, you'll see an unfriend link under the name of each of your friends. Click unfriend link. In mobile version Facebook doesn't ask for confirmation and therefore unfriending is just a one-click-affair.
Click on UNFRIEND link to quickly remove friends from your list.

I hope this helps you! You may also be interested in reading my article on Simplifying your Facebook Life
Following are older methods, they don't work anymore.
Delete Multiple Facebook Friends: Update – 2017
Go to your friend list. Take your cursor on the “Friend” button available next to the name of the friend you want to unfriend. A drop-down menu appears with “Unfriend” option given at the end.

Quickly delete multiple friends from Facebook.

Step 1
Click on the “Unfriend” option to delete that friend from your list. Facebook will show a box for confirmation. Click “Remove from Friends” button.
Quickly delete multiple friends from Facebook.

Step 2
Now comes the real trick. Facebook will show you a box saying that so and so friend has been deleted from your list. If you will click the OK button given on this box –the page will reload and will slow down your further “unfriending” process. So, you don't click this OK button and straightway go to the next unfriend option! Simple –isn’t it?
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